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  • Europe City Breaks in Austria, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and many more locations.

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    When you think of the best European vacations, do you conjure up images of sun, sea and sand, beautiful cities, different cultures or challenges of the great outdoors? Your choices for Europe are wide and much varied.

    My favourites are a mix of all of these things, and I'll be sharing them with you, based on my travels throughout this beautiful continent.

    Read on and let your European adventure commence right here.

    My Favourite Vacations may be useful to help you find what you're after.
    The purpose of this site is to provide you with enough information to enable you to make an informed choice about where to go.

    I will cover as many of the more popular destinations as possible, and maybe some of the ones that are not quite so popular but just as exciting. So whether you're after something luxurious or really cheap European vacations, you're guaranteed to find what you're looking for on this site.

    With so many vacation possibilities in Europe, it is not surprising to see the rise in Timeshares For Sale here, for people returning every year. This is something which deserves proper research like anything else. Information on Timeshare Rentals is also available for interested parties. Wherever you stay, this website will have you well prepared for your dream vacation.

    Relaxation - Excitement - Romance - Adventure

    You'll find relaxation on some of the finest beaches, excitement in some
    of the worlds' most beautiful cities, adventure with cycling, hiking and kayaking tours, and even some ideas for Romantic Vacations in Europe.

    Romantic Venice
    My travels around Europe have seen me arrive in some beautiful and interesting places, and some not so.
    All too often my choices of destination were randomly selected and I had no prior knowledge of what to expect when I got there, although most of the time I have been really lucky.

    These days I am more discerning and my choices are not left to chance. Hopefully my experiences will answer some of your questions, and remove some doubts before you embark on your European vacations. More new vacation ideas are being added to the site all the time, and you can keep right up to date by regularly checking my European Vacations Travel Blog, or subscribe to the RSS feeds on the navigation bar. I hope you enjoy Europe as much as I have.

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    Best Europe Travel
    Overview of Europe, second to none for sheer excitement and choice.

    Europe Vacation Rentals
    More space, more freedom, and quite often more affordable.

    Europe Beach Holidays
    Choose from thousands of great deals on Europe beach holidays.

    Europe City Breaks
    Fun and culture in some of the most beautiful cities.

    European Walking Vacations
    By far the best way to see many beautiful corners of Europe.

    Europe Kayaking Tours
    Fabulous adventures with sea kayaking, canoeing and whitewater rafting.

    Europe Golf Vacations
    Play on the finest courses in the most beautiful countries.

    Europe Bicycle Tours
    Next to walking, bicycle tours are the best way to see Europe.

    Nature & Wildlife Tours
    Lovers of wildlife have an opportunity for the experience of a lifetime.

    European Cruise Vacations
    The perfect way to sample the best of europe.

    Romantic Vacations
    What would be your idea of the perfect romantic European vacation?

    Romantic Wedding Destinations
    Europe has an abundance of romantic wedding destinations.

    Europe Hostels
    Book online, no booking fees, no registration, cheap group prices.

    Europe Travel Information
    Passports & visas, currency, weather check, airport & airline links.

    Overview of Austria Vacations
    You could be forgiven for thinking you're on another planet.

    My Vienna Vacation
    My Vienna vacation was an eye opener in culture.

    Overview of Czech Republic Vacations
    For something a little different, this could be the answer.

    My Prague Vacation
    I was expecting a drab place but found a magical city.

    Overview of France Vacations
    What makes France the most visited country in Europe?

    A Romantic Paris Vacation
    A visit to Paris is bound to uncover your romantic side.

    My Disneyland Paris Adventure
    A visit to Disneyland Paris was the icing on the cake.

    Paris Attractions
    My personal top five Paris attractions.

    Overview of Greece Vacations
    Who could visit Greece without wanting to return?

    My Athens Vacation
    On my second Athens vacation I knew why I'd come back.

    Overview of Ireland Vacations
    Ireland has it all, history, culture and great nightlife.

    My Dublin Vacation
    My Dublin vacation revealed one of the trendiest cities.

    Overview of Italy Vacations
    Why is Italy one of the most popular European vacations?

    My Rome Vacation
    I returned feeling spiritually good, inspired, and at the same time, humble.

    Rome Attractions
    My personal top five Rome attractions.

    Overview of Portugal Vacations
    There is a lot more to Portugal than the Algarve and golf.

    Overview of Scotland Vacations
    What is it that makes Scotland so popular with overseas visitors?

    An Edinburgh Vacation
    Weather's unpredictable but there's so much to do you won't notice.

    Overview of Spain Vacations
    Why do so many return to Spain year after year?

    My Lanzarote Vacation
    My Lanzarote vacation provided the answer to the question.

    Overview of Switzerland Vacations
    European vacations in the Lake Geneva district are quite simply, magical.

    My Geneva Vacation
    My Geneva vacation was almost as romantic as Paris.

    Your Vacation Reviews
    Read some of the visitor comments.

    My Vacation Reviews
    Some of the places I wouldn't go back to.

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