My Geneva Vacation Was Almost
As Romantic As Paris

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In the summer of 2006 we had our Geneva vacation. I say vacation but in actual fact it was only a few days, en route back to the UK from the Middle East, which I grudged at the time but it turned out great.

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But what a few days it was. We both decided we would like to return for a longer stay, again in summer.

You see, romance was in the air, and I better say nothing else about that or Rose will kill me. Anyway, about Geneva ......

Lake Geneva
We stopped off at a hotel just about one kilometre from the airport, which was called the Median Geneva Airport Hotel, and it turned out to be one of the cheapest in Geneva.

The hotel was clean and comfortable, the food was ok, and the staff were very helpful. I seem to be quite lucky with hotels and this one was no exception. Excellent value for money, and I can highly recommend it.

Walking in The City is a Pleasure :

Just walking in Geneva is a joy, with its numerous parks, gardens and promenades, and the Rue de Rive is great for shopping. A bit expensive mind you, but if you feel like being extravagant, then this is the place.

You won't get lost in Geneva, not with it's landmark, the beautiful Jet d'eau. This is the citys most famous monument and the tallest water fountain in the world.

Lake Geneva at night
No Geneva vacation would be complete without seeing Lake Geneva, so we did. Many of the parks can be found alongside the lake, and the views of the mountains are stunning.

But the best view of all was from the Kuklos restaurant in Leysen.

I mentioned this in my overview of Switzerland, it's the restaurant at the top of Berneuse mountain and it rotates full circle. You can take a cable car up, and the views of Mont Blanc and the Eiger from here really are incredible, and if you actually remember to eat, the food is quite good.

Other attractions we did manage to visit were the Natural History museum, worth visiting, and the fabulous Saint Pierre Cathedral in the Old Town.

Heaven For Skiers :

If you are a skier, you will find winter here pretty close to heaven, but I intend to return again in the summer, for the romance, of course.

We really enjoyed our Geneva vacation.

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Travelling to Geneva :

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Currency :

The monetary unit of Switzerland is the Swiss Franc. Check on the Currency Converter to see how far your money will go.

Geneva Climate :

Expect warm summers and mild winters, although temperatures can go just below freezing at times, and rainfall can come at any time of year.

Geneva Airports :

Just one, Geneva International Airport serves most major airlines.

Getting around :

Geneva has a very efficient bus and tram network, taxis are plentiful, and you can hire a bicycle if you feel like some exercise.

Popular Geneva Attractions :

The Natural History Museum, Saint Pierre Cathedral, Jet d'eau fountain and Rue de Rive are all worth seeing.

One thing you must do :

On your Geneva vacation, you must have a meal in Kuklos, the mountain top restaurant. It's very romantic and the views are breathtaking.

The Colloseum
My Disneyland Paris Adventure
Our visit to Disneyland Paris was the icing on the cake. Ideally you should allow a few days here to see everything. It's within easy reach of the city (a forty minute train ride) so that makes it easy. An adventure not to be missed.

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