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The mere mention of the words vacation or holiday can be enough to make some single people want to fade quietly unnoticed into the background.

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I know, because I've felt this way many times. I'd been divorced for five years before I met Rose, all my friends were married, so any talk of vacations and there was me trying to change the subject, or disappear.

Many people, especially in later life, find themselves in the same position, perhaps following a divorce or the loss of their partner. No one likes to be the 'odd man out' and so we shy away from kind invitations from friends to join them on holiday. They mean well, but they don't fully understand the embarrassment or the uncomfortable feelings that solo travellers can experience. It doesn't have to be like this, because there is a solution.

Singles vacations Europe brings together like-minded people to share vacations, tours and adventure holidays, meet new friends, find good company, and most of all, to enjoy life, and restore your self esteem.

It was because of my own past experience that I decided to write this page, so I had a look around to see what was on offer for single travellers.

Most of my searches returned dating agencies! Why does everyone assume that solo travellers are looking for a date? Anyway, I found a site I liked that specialised in Singles Vacations  which is not a dating agency, but they cater for the single traveller, and offer some very nice packages.

What I really liked about this site, is that they organise pre-holiday get togethers, so you can get to know your fellow travellers before you go on your vacation. This is a great ice breaker, and of course, it's also a good way of finding out if there's anyone you would rather avoid :-)

Another attraction was the Discovery Weekends ......

These weekend breaks are designed for those who are apprehensive about going on a full holiday with strangers, so you get to know what to expect without going to great expense. Your tour manager will greet you on arrival, and introduce you to your fellow guests over a welcome drink.

From what I've read of the great number of testimonials, most of the people who went on the weekend break, later booked the full holiday.

This is all good news for solo or unattached travellers. You'll never again have to feel uncomfortable about going on vacation. Singles vacations Europe may be just the tonic you need to restore your appetite for life.

Get all the information you need for your singles vacations Europe travel. Passport & visa requirements, what currency, Europe 10 day weather forecasts, airport and airline links. See the Europe Travel Information page.

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