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Over the years I have had more vacations than I can remember, so the favourite vacations I have written about are the ones I remember most fondly. Although I have had many wonderful beach holidays, I believe they are pretty much all the same, with one exception, the beautiful Lanzarote.

Spain Paris Geneva

For variety, culture, sense of adventure and discovery, I found exploring the beautiful cities of Europe to be much more exciting and fulfilling.

When you decide on a destination for your vacation, it's advisable to speak to someone who's been there, so maybe my stories will help.

Here then is an introduction to some of my favourite vacations. I have concentrated mostly on cities, and I have listed them in no particular order, apart from my number one choice, which is of course, Lanzarote.

Lanzarote Beach
My Lanzarote Vacation
I fell in love with Lanzarote, and I have a dream to retire here. Hopefully I will return soon and rekindle the memory of sitting in the Old Town, gazing out to the Atlantic Ocean and the view of the volcanoes on the tip of the Island.

Eiffel Tower
My Paris Vacation
You just can't help feeling romantic in Paris. The "City of Lights" just oozes romantic notions, and there is so much to see. Paris is on my list of places to go back to. As we walked along the Champs-Elysées, I remember thinking ...

Lake Geneva
My Geneva Vacation
If you are romantic you will love Geneva. The views of the Alps are stunning, and around Lake Geneva the parks are magnificent. But the best view of all was of Mont Blanc and the Eiger from a revolving mountaintop restaurant in Leysen.

Edinburgh Castle
My Edinburgh Vacation
For lovers of history and culture Edinburgh takes some beating. OK, I'm biased because I'm a Scotsman, but it is one of my favourite vacations. An endless choice of festivals and events to enjoy, and The Royal Mile.

St Peters, Rome
My Rome Vacation
Rome is an amazing city, one of the few in the world where you can feel relaxed in the midst of busy city life. The attractions, especially the ceiling fresco in the Sistine Chapel, and the Trevi Fountain, are something to behold.

The Parthenon
My Athens Vacation
I had to return to Athens to get the time to fully appreciate all the city has to offer. The attractions and the tavernas dotted around the city are enough to keep you busy, and you can take a cruise to the islands for a perfect holiday.

My Vienna Vacation
Land of the great composers Mozart, Strauss and Beethoven, the culture of Vienna will carry you off to a place of quiet contentment by day, and a thriving hub of activity by night when the beer gardens come to life.

Dublin at Night
My Dublin Vacation
Close to home, but one of my favourite vacations none the less. Dublin is a magical city, well known for the charm and friendliness of the locals, and perfectly balanced with the old traditions and the new trendy image of the city.

Archiepiscopal Palace
My Prague Vacation
Not knowing what to expect, Prague came as something of a surprise, a pleasant one mind you. Concerts, theatre, pubs and restaurants offering a vast range of cuisine, and many popular attractions to see including Prague Castle.

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The Colloseum
My Disneyland Paris Adventure
Our visit to Disneyland Paris was the icing on the cake. Ideally you should allow a few days here to see everything. It's within easy reach of the city (a forty minute train ride) so that makes it easy. An adventure not to be missed.

The Colloseum
Paris Attractions
My personal top five Paris attractions.
Photographs and short descriptions of The Eiffel Tower, The Arc de Triomphe, The Louvre Museum, The Sacré Coeur Basilica and The Notre Dame Cathedral.

The Colloseum
Rome Attractions
My personal top five Rome attractions.
Photographs and short descriptions of Vatican City, St Peters, The Colloseum, The Pantheon and The Trevi Fountain. When in Italy, you must visit Rome.

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