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I had been here many years before, but my Dublin vacation was full of surprises. The history and culture of this beautiful city was still here, but the nightlife scene appears to have been rocketed into the 21st century.

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Dublin is beautifully balanced with a mixture of old and new.

What was most refreshing was that the welcoming nature and the friendliness of the Irish people was still as strong as it was twenty two years previously.

On the first morning I went into a newsagents shop to get a newspaper.

Christ Church
There was no one else in the shop at that time, and after I was served with a smile and a chat, imagine my surprise when the shopkeeper asked if I would mind keeping an eye on the shop for five minutes.

Seeing the incredulous look on my face, the woman said "sure now if anyone comes in just give them what they ask for, write it down for me, and tell them they can pay me next time they come in". Where else in the world could this happen, bearing in mind she didn't even know me?

Amazing or what? I was relieved when no one came into the shop.

Great Attractions And Nightlife :

This is typical of the Irish charm, and Rose and I felt right at home as we set off to explore the city. We visited Christ Church Cathedral, one of the oldest in the world, and the Natural History Museum, both of which were well worth visiting. Time did not allow us to see Dublin Castle or the Guinness Brewery, so we may have come back, and why not.

Dublin at Night
The biggest surprise on my Dublin vacation was the nightlife. From my previous visit I remembered little Irish pubs with their real fires and traditional Irish folk music. Although there are still many of these places to be found, the nightlife has undergone something of a transformation, with trendy bars, restaurants and music all over the city.

Two of the most popular areas are Temple Bar, with dozens of pubs and restaurants, and some of the side streets off Grafton Street. Both come alive at night with a pulsating atmosphere, literally jumping with music, dancing and friendly banter. If you like your nightlife, this is where to go.

Breakfast Fit For a King :

If you survive the night and are fit to eat a full Irish breakfast in the morning, it could be enough to last you through the day.

Cheap air fares to Ireland means a Dublin vacation has become very popular among many Europeans. I hope to go back before too long.

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Travelling to Dublin :

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Currency :

The monetary unit of Ireland is the Euro. Check the Currency Converter to see how far your money will go.

Dublin Climate :

A temperate climate, not too hot in Summer, and winter is likely to be wet and damp.

Dublin Airports :

Just one - Dublin Airport serving most major airlines.

Getting around :

A Good transport system. Buses and trains are very efficient and there are plenty of taxis.

Popular Dublin Attractions :

Christ Church Cathedral, Guinness Brewery, Dublin Castle, Natural history Museum, and of course, the nightlife.

One thing you must do :

On a Dublin vacation you must go on a dining cruise with Al A Carte menu at La Peniche, Dublin's only floating restaurant.

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