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Romantic European cruise vacations are the perfect way to sample the best of Europe. Discover different countries and their cultures from Scandinavia to Greece and experience first class luxury along the way.

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There are literally hundreds of options to find your ideal romantic cruise. Most cruise lines now offer packages from as little as three nights, which puts the cost of luxury within the reach of the most budget conscious.

Euro City Breaks
Breakaway to some of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

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Over 25,000 Great Value Hotels, Villas and Apartments.

Many European countries are situated on the Mediterranean coastline, ideal for sun worshippers and watersport enthusiasts.

This is the most comfortable method of transport that I've experienced, and given the choices now available, combined with affordability, it's little wonder European cruise vacations have become immensely popular in recent years. You must try a cruise once in your lifetime.

See some of the most romantic destinations in Europe :

  • Beautiful Barcelona, Venice, Prague and Romantic Paris are some of the    more popular destinations in Europe.

  • Central Europe has Austria and Switzerland both offering stunning    views of the Alps, and many more attractions.

  • Northern Europe includes the Norwegian Fjords, Scandinavia, the Baltic    states, and the United Kingdom, with England, Scotland, Northern    Ireland and Wales.

  • Eastern Europe has Greece and Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea.    Most of the Mediterranean cruises run from april to October.

    There are hundreds of European Cruises to choose from :

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    Northern European Cruises
    These vacations are a favourite for culture and scenery, with breathtaking landscapes, castles and their history, museums and architecture. Northern Europe epitomises the grandeur of the continent.

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    Mediterranean Cruises
    These European cruise vacations are where you will find the beautiful cities of Venice, Paris, Barcelona, Florence and Paris. On the east Mediterranean you can explore the history of Athens, and the culture of Turkey.

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    Central Europe Cruises
    These cruises reveal the historical sites of Prague, and the picturesque landscapes of Austria. You can expect to be treated like royalty on your European cruise, and you will have the pleasure of seeing many places.

    Cruises can be from three days to eleven days or more.

    European Cruises have become popular for many reasons. It's an easy way to see as many interesting places as possible without having the trouble of booking different hotels.

    You would normally sail to your different ports during the night, so that your days can be spent ashore taking in some of Europes finest sights.

    Romantic European Cruise Vacations are the ultimate luxury!

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    Cruise the Bahamas 3 nights from $189.

    Alaska Cruise
    Cruise Alaska 7 nights from $549.

    Caribbean Cruise
    Caribbean Cruises 4 nights from $199.

    Hawaii Cruise
    Hawaii Cruises 5 nights from $399.

    Travelling to Europe :

    Get all the information you need for your Europe travel. Passport & visa requirements, what currency, Europe 10 day weather forecasts, airport and airline links. See the Europe Travel Information page.

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