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Romantic Vacations?

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Tell me, what would be your idea of the perfect romantic vacations?
A kiss at the top of the Eiffel Tower maybe, holding hands on a gondola in Venice, spending the night in a Scottish Castle? Or how about a romantic candlelit dinner for two in a revolving mountain top restaurant in Geneva?

Paris Venice Scotland Geneva

Whatever your idea of romance Europe is definitely the place to rekindle the flames of love, whatever your tastes. If culture is your thing, Austria and Spain are so diverse and there is more than enough events and attractions on offer to quench your appetite for something different.

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Romantic outdoor types may prefer skiing in the Alps, or walking through the wine regions of Portugal. History buffs can satisfy their thirst for knowledge by exploring the castles of Scotland.

Your perfect romantic European vacations will depend on where your interests lie, but one thing is certain, YOU have to be feeling romantic to start with. My pick of castles, cruises, romantic hotels and cosy holiday cottages will help.

My suggestions for Romantic Vacations :

Cruise Ship
Romantic European Cruise Vacations
Be treated like Royalty as you cruise the Mediterranean, discovering some of the most romantic and beautiful cities in Europe. There are cruises available to suit all budgets.

Castle Accommodation
Romantic Castle Accommodation
Experience the ultimate luxury, sample fine food and wine, and be pampered. You'll not only be treated like Royalty, you'll trace the footsteps of past Kings & Queens.

Spa Vacations
Romantic Spa Vacations
These fabulous Spa vacations in the Czech Republic are among the lowest priced anywhere. Pamper yourselves in luxury with many attractions close at hand.

Outdoor Vacations
Romantic Outdoor Vacations
The great outdoors provides the backdrop for these romantic European vacations. Walking in Italy, cycling in France, or taking a castle tour of bonnie Scotland.

Romantic Paris Hotels
Romantic Paris Hotels
Think of romance and you think of Paris, naturally. Choose your romantic hotel and explore the many attractions in this great city. You may not want to return home.

Romantic Venice Hotels
Romantic Venice Hotels
Venice, one of the fine cities of Italy, is an absolute must for anyone seeking romantic European vacations. There are so many attractions in Italy, and the food is superb.

Romantic Geneva Hotels
Romantic Geneva Hotels
Perhaps not the first place that comes to mind when you think of romantic vacations. Geneva is magnificent. The incredible views of the Alps is reason enough to visit.

Many countries of Europe are landlocked which makes rail travel very easy, so check Rail Europe Specials & Promotions for any current discounts.

Vacation Tip * Romantic vacations are quite often taken in celebration of something, ie honeymoon, anniversary, or birthday. Guarantee yourself first class service in restaurants everywhere by saying the three little words that restaurants love to hear. Those three little words are :

"We're celebrating tonight!"

Tell them what you're celebrating and don't be surprised to receive a couple of free drinks, a cake, or even a bottle of champagne. Restaurants love to share your happy atmosphere, and after receiving great service, the chance is you will recommend them to others, so everyone wins.

Of course, it's worth remembering that romantic dinners, hotels and locations only provide the setting. Ultimately the romance part has to come from YOU, and you don't need flowers, chocolates or anything else.

All you have to do is ......

  • Listen to each other.

  • Smile at each other.

  • And say the three little words that EVERYONE likes to hear ..... ???

    These are my suggestions for romantic European vacations. If you have had a romantic vacation and are thinking of tying the knot, have a look at Romantic Wedding Destinations to find your perfect romantic wedding.

    Bahamas Cruise
    Cruise the Bahamas 3 nights from $189.

    Alaska Cruise
    Cruise Alaska 7 nights from $549.

    Caribbean Cruise
    Caribbean Cruises 4 nights from $199.

    Hawaii Cruise
    Hawaii Cruises 5 nights from $399.

    Travelling to Europe :

    Get all the information you need for your Europe travel. Passport & visa requirements, what currency, Europe 10 day weather forecasts, airport and airline links. See the Europe Travel Information page.

    Hotel only? If you are just in need of a hotel room use the quick search for the latest offers on Europe Hotels for most of the major cities.

    My Romantic vacations :

    The Eiffel Tower
    My Romantic Paris Vacation
    We had freshly brewed coffee and croissants for breakfast, then a stroll taking in the many historic buildings and museums. We walked the Champs-Elysées, eating ice cream, and I remember thinking....

    Lake Geneva
    My Geneva Vacation
    My Geneva vacation was almost as romantic as Paris. A bit expensive mind you, but if you feel like being extravagant, then this is the place. If you actually remember to eat, the food is quite good too.

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