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Plan your vacation properly with good travel information.

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Found your ideal vacation spot?

Great, all you need now is to get as much Europe travel information as you can, to save wasting time and to avoid any last minute surprises that could ruin your vacation. I'll try to give you all the information you will need to ensure your Europe vacation goes smoothly.

When finalising your vacation planning, there are some questions you should consider asking yourself. For example :

  • What are the passport & visa requirements for visiting Europe?

  • What currency do I need?

  • Can I use my credit card?

  • Are there luggage restrictions for where I am going?

  • What about the weather?

  • Should I fly or travel by rail?
  • ATOL is a financial protection scheme for UK tour operators. Before entering into a contract with a Tour Operator, it is advisable to check that they are ATOL protected. Check Here If Your Tour Operator Is Protected

    A little time spent to research Europe travel information and tips prior to leaving will pave the way for an enjoyable vacation. Bon Voyage

    Your Europe Travel Information

    Passports & Visas

    A passport is required for Europe vacations. A visa is not required for Europeans staying up to three months, and for EU citizens there is no limit. US, Canada and Australia nationals can also stay for up to three months. From most other countries and for longer durations a visa is required, so please check with the Europe Tourist Office for more information.

    Europe Currency

    Not all European countries use the Euro, so it is important to find out exactly what the monetary unit of your country of destination is.

    Here are some examples :

  • Austria - The Euro

  • France - The Euro

  • Ireland - The Euro

  • Portugal - The Euro

  • Spain - The Euro
  • Czech Rep - The Czech Crown

  • Greece - The Euro

  • Italy - The Euro

  • Scotland - Great Britain Pound

  • Switzerland - The Swiss Franc

  • When you know what country you are likely to be visiting, then have a look at the Currency Converter to see how far your money goes.

    Using Your Credit Card

    I would always recommend calling your credit card companies before you leave, just to advise them of where you are going. The reason for this? Some credit card companies will block a transaction in a foreign country, as a security measure. This makes sense as it would be a transaction outwith your normal usage behaviour, and it is there to protect you.

    Europe Airport Information

    Get as much information about your arrival airport as you can. Find out if there are any hand luggage restrictions, car hire and general airport facilities etc. See Airline and Airport Links for all you need to know.

    Europe Weather Forecasts

    What's the weather like? Get up to date weather reports for where you are heading, especially handy if you are planning a last minute short break. Europe Weather From Yahoo will show forecasts for up to 10 days.

    Language Books, Maps & Travel Guides

    Depending on where you are going, sometimes a language book can be worth its weight in gold. The simplest phrase, said in the right language can get you what you want or where you want to go, and reduce the chances of you becoming frustrated. The same applies to travel guides. See Maps International for more Europe travel information.

    Travelling to and within Europe

    If flying, shop around for deals on the Lowest Air Fares and hotels.

    If you are travelling within Europe you may prefer to travel by rail. Check Rail Europe Specials & Promotions for any current discounts.

    Travel Insurance

    The importance of travel insurance should not be overlooked, so remember to go properly prepared for the unexpected. Have a look at the page on Travel Insurance Uncovered before deciding on your travel needs.

    Airport Transfers

    If you're arranging your own airport transfers, never wait until you arrive at your destination. Holiday airports can be chaotic, especially in high season, so it is wise to arrange transfers before your departure. Check out Holiday Taxis who can arrange any type of transfer for any size of party in over 3,000 resorts wordwide.

    Lounge Passes

    How many times have you arrived at the airport, checked in, and wished you could find a quiet place to relax with a coffee or a meal? You can with an Affordable Lounge Pass. Start your holiday off in style. Lounge passes are available for over 100 VIP lounges and are very cheap.


    If you are travelling to Europe for outdoor activity vacations like hiking or skiing for example, then it is important to wear proper clothing and footwear. The Outdoor Megastore offer huge savings on everything you need to keep you safe and warm on all your Europe activity vacations.

    Car Hire
     Europe Car Hire
     Search facilities for some of the major Europe car rental  specialists. Find the lowest rates available for car hire and  do it all on one page. Save time, save money, no fuss.

    I hope you found this Europe travel information helpful. If you have any suggestions or tips then please let me know and I will add them.

    Some Europe travel information is provided via links to third party websites. cannot accept liability for the accuracy of information.

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