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Why is Italy one of the most popular tourist destinations?

Italy vacations have everything you could ever want. The Mediterranean climate, beautiful scenery, a host of outdoor activities and rich culture make it one of Europe's 'must see' countries, and maybe more than once.

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Arguably the most beautiful country in Europe, Italy has so many fine cities, including Rome, Venice, Milan, Naples and Florence that one visit may not be enough to see everything that is worth seeing.

The Mediterranean coastline is bustling every year with sun worshippers, who can enjoy a lively nightlife, and some of the world's finest food served in great restaurants with typical Italian passion.

Italy vacations have something for everyone :

The capital, Rome, with the Vatican and it's museums and treasures is a magnet for Roman catholics, who come in droves from all over the world.

In the Tuscany region, Florence will inspire you with many great works of art, including those of Michelangelo. The city is steeped in history, with stunning landscapes inspiring those who appreciate beauty and culture.

Venice, city of canals, is stunning. Some have said Venice is even more romantic than Paris, but with an unpleasant smell coming from the water in summer, I would recommend you visit at some other time of year.

You can really spoil yourself by bathing in luxury at one of the many
Spa Resorts and vacations to be found in some of the grandest hotels and health centres around Tuscany and other regions of the country.

A popular location for outdoor activities :

Italy vacations are the ultimate for outdoor enthusiasts with activities like hiking, cycling, windsurfing and sailing among the favourites. Close proximity to the Alps makes it the number one choice for many skiers.

If you prefer indoors, you will find many museums and art galleries to keep you occupied, or if shopping is your thing, then you're on a winner.

You can choose your ideal accommodation from a very good selection of Italy Hotels, or for something a little more private, Vacation Rentals. For self guided tours and people on the move there is also the choice of excellent value Hostels & Budget Accommodation on offer.

Italy is well worth a visit for the food alone.


Language : Italian.

Currency : The monetary unit of Italy is the Euro. Check the
Currency Converter to see how far your money goes.

Italy Climate : Summer can be very hot, sometimes reaching 35C and winter temperatures are around 13C.

Time zone : GMT/UTC +1 (+2 in summer)

Country dialling code : +39

Recommended places to visit : Rome, the capital, and Florence, Venice and Milan.

Passports & Visas : A passport is required for Italy vacations. A visa is not required for Europeans staying up to three months, and for EU citizens there is no limit. US, Canada and Australia nationals can also stay for up to three months. From most other countries and for longer durations a visa is required, so check with the Italy Tourist Office for more information.

Travelling to Italy :

Shop around for deals on the lowest air fares, and customise your trip with flight or hotel only, or as a package. Please remember insurance when travelling. Essential Travel offer online discount travel insurance.

Make the most of your visit to Italy with Maps International super value travel guides, road maps and language books.

St Peter's, Rome
My Rome Vacation
I returned feeling spiritually good, inspired, and humble. The numerous churches, monuments, fountains and parks make walking in Rome an absolute pleasure. This is by far the best way to see the city. I hope to go back next year.

The Colloseum
Rome Attractions
My personal top five Rome attractions.
Photographs and short descriptions of Vatican City, St Peters, The Colloseum, The Pantheon and The Trevi Fountain. When in Italy, you must visit Rome.

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