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Hi, I'm John. I was born and have lived in Renfrewshire, Scotland all my life, but have done a fair bit of travelling, mainly around Europe. A short time ago I decided to build a website about my travels, and I now regret not having kept proper journals, so I'm doing some of this from memory.

With best-european-vacations.com I aim to provide you with a number of choices for your European holidays, and also enough information to enable you to make the right choices on which countries to visit. You'll find that I recommend a number of well respected travel companies, including the better known Thomsons, Superbreak and Infohub, because I've used them myself in the past, and have always received good service from them.

All too often in my own search for vacations I have been met with little more than a search box, and no background information on the places,
ie : Attractions, currency, climate, passport and visa requirements.

Not everyone is the same, and a lot of people prefer to get as much background information as possible before they decide where to go. That's why I have tried to provide you with a choice, so with that in mind, you can read as much of Europe as you want on this site, or skip directly to the search facilities on the Beach Holidays or the Flights & Hotels pages.

Europe is a fascinating continent which has provided me with many good memories, so it seemed fitting that I should build this website as a way of sharing them. I hope some of the information here will be helpful, and that you also have some great experiences on your European vacations.

Thank you for visiting.
John Gatens, Webmaster and Editor.

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