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Before we had even left the airport on our Vienna vacation I was thinking : This place has style. So it came as no surprise when we reached the city and found a place oozing quiet sophistication.

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Outside Vienna the views were incredible with quaint little villages and picturesque mountain scenery, and the city itself did not seem to be in much of a hurry.

After settling into our hotel, a model of cleanliness and efficiency, our first stop was the famous Karntnerstrasses.

This is a pedestrian only shopping area lined with sparkling boutiques, outdoor cafes and restaurants. As usual Rose was in her element with the shopping and I was quite taken with the outdoor cafes, maybe because we don't have too many in Scotland.

Our Vienna vacation was underway and we were going to enjoy it.

You Must Visit the Funfair :

The Prater, a funfair, was a great day out. Over 250 attractions, merry-go-rounds, go-carts and ghost trains, but the most prominent attraction, the giant ferris wheel, is enough to keep anyone going.

By the time we came off the ferris wheel I was ready for an extra strong coffee. Thank goodness I didn’t have a coffee beforehand because I was finding it impossible to have a coffee without succumbing to one of the huge delicious pastries that tempt you everywhere you go.

But a Vienna vacation has something for everyone. The architecture is striking, especially the famous Karlskirche (church of the emperor Karl) built in the eighteenth century.

Theatre and opera are very popular, but that's probably not surprising when you consider that some of the greatest composers the world has ever produced : Mozart, Beethoven and Strauss among them, were Austrian.

Locals and visitors regularly attend the famous Vienna State Opera House, 'The Staatsoper' dressed in formal attire, to witness some fabulous performances, but I have to say that opera is not my thing. I'm more into sightseeing and museums, and I wasn't to be disappointed.

We had a great time exploring the Natural History Museum, the Museum House Sigmund Freud, the Werkstatte Museum with its fantastic Art Deco collection, and the splendid Imperial Palace.

A Great Place Any Time of Year :

A Vienna vacation in winter is ideal for skiing and snowboarding, given that it is situated at the foot of the Alps. Many come for outdoor activities like hiking and golf at other times of the year.

Everywhere you go you will find a multitude of beer gardens, cafes and restaurants, and the nightlife is very lively in this beautiful city.

If in Vienna, you should take advantage of the many Vienna Tours that are available for seeing the sights and attractions, starting from just £13.

Vienna is not cheap but it is certainly worth visiting.

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Travelling to Vienna :

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Currency :

The monetary unit of Austria is the Austrian Shilling. Have a look at the Currency Converter to see how far your money goes.

Vienna Climate :

Warm sunny summers with thunderstorms, cold winters with snowfalls where temperature can go to -4C in January.

Vienna Airports :

Just one, Vienna International Airport serves most major airlines.

Getting around :

Best on foot, but there is an excellent public transport system.

Popular Vienna Attractions :

The Burgtheater, the Prater, the Vienna Opera House and the Natural History Museum.

One thing you must do :

Visit the Natural History Museum for a fascinating day out.

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