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Next to walking, Europe bicycle tours are probably the next best way to explore the continent. You won't miss a thing as you take in the magical splendour of coastal or mountain routes with fabulous scenery, and an abundance of natural beauty and wildlife to be seen along the way.

Experience the most exciting areas of Europe with these unique tours taking in cultural stops, places of historical interest, countryside, lakes, mountains and breathtaking scenery for lasting memories of your visit.

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Euro City Breaks
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Some Europe bicycle tours can be quite challenging while others provide the perfect opportunity for relaxation, freedom and cameraderie.

Some of the best Europe Bicycle Tours :

Austria Bicycle Tours
Whatever your preference is, whether to explore the cities, jeep and forest trails, picturesque landscapes or Austrian castles these tours have it all. Tours benerally run between May and October, and range from eight to thirteen days.

Czech Republic Bicycle Tours
A great way to see the Czech Republic. Cycle on river banks, explore vineyards and castles, see Prague in all its splendour, the choices are here. These tours run all year round and range between six and fourteen days.

France Bicycle Tours
One of the most popular Europe bicycle tours. Home of the Tour de France cycle race, these tours give you the chance to see some of the most famous regions of the country. Tours run all year round from four days upwards.

Greece Bicycle Tours
Perhaps not the first place you'd think of for a cycling tour, but fabulous just the same. See some of the legendary ruins, cycle on the Greek islands or go ferry hopping. Tours are from seven to twelve days and run all year round.

Ireland Bicycle Tours
These tours can be combined with horse riding, or hiking & trekking. See the Giant's Causeway or explore the quiet back roads with lodges and castles, and haunting landscapes. Six to ten day tours from April to October.

Italy Bicycle Tours
See Italy in a new light with these tours. Sample the finest food & wine, and choose from volcano tours, honeymoon tours or women only tours. You can book from one day and upwards and you can find a tour at any time of the year.

Portugal Bicycle Tours
Olive groves, vineyards, coastal routes and challenging hilly terrain await you in Portugal. Historical villages and castles provide some more choices. Some tours are available all year round and are between six and twelve days.

Scotland Bicycle Tours
Battlefields, distilleries, castles, famous lochs and the Scottish Highlands. Combine with culture and history, wherever you go you will be met with a warm welcome. Tours from one to eight days and choices all year round.

Spain Bicycle Tours
Beaches, quiet countryside, castles or the Pyrenees. Spain offers so many choices, deciding can be difficult. Whatever you choose, you are guaranteed a great time. These europe bicycle tours run all year from one day and upwards.

Switzerland Bicycle Tours
Switzerland is probably the dark horse of Europe bicycle tours, but what a treat it is. Cycle along the banks of beautiful lakes or experience exhilarating mountain rides. One to eleven day tours, from March to November.

If you prefer self guided tours or doing your own thing, you can find thousands of Hostels & Budget Accommodation throughout Europe.

Travelling to Europe :

Get all the information you need for your Europe travel. Passport & visa requirements, what currency, Europe 10 day weather forecasts, airport and airline links. See the Europe Travel Information page.

Clothing :

It is important to wear proper clothing and footwear on your European cycling vacations. The Outdoor Megastore offer huge savings on everything you need to keep you safe and warm.

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